Ten Before Treatment

1 Feb

As the fog of being constantly caught up in my inability to conceive a child is lifting, I am starting to think about goals I would like to achieve during the break. We will either start treatment around 4/16 or 5/13, so the end date for these goals will be whichever of those dates we decide. I thought the good ol’ blog would be a good place to post ’em up for accountability:

1) Run a 5k. Spring is prime 5k time, so I would like to get back to the point of running a 5k distance comfortably and do a race. A PR would be fab, but the initial goal will just be to do one. I have a feeling my running fitness is near scratch again but should come back more quickly than if I was just starting out. I see Couch to 5k in my future.

2) Visit all of the wineries within 20 miles of my house. There are quite a few, so I would like to at least do a tasting at each. Viva Vino!

3) Get back into the coupon swing. For awhile using coupons was a real bummer because so many people were inspired by TLC’s Extreme Coupouning to get into it that shelves were always cleared. The novelty seems to have worn off for a lot of people so it makes using the “free money” from the newspaper more fun.

4) As the latter proposed treatment start date falls so nicely in alignment with the end of the Spring 2012 semester, it’s only right to make getting an overall 4.0 a goal.

5) Put together a plan for “what if.”  Unfortunately, the nature of our infertility leaves us only with the choice between IVF and adoption post-IUI cycles; both options in the $15k-$20k range. Due to this, Randall and I have decided that if we have three failed IUI cycles over the summer, we will not seek additional treatment in the foreseeable future. With each IUI cycle only holding a 25% success rate, the “what if” of not conceiving is a real possibility and I would like to have a plan for dealing with that in place. I want to make some vacation plans and set some long-term goals (half marathon anyone?) As crass as it sounds, this plan will be a consolation prize for us. A “thanks for trying!” parting gift, if you will.

6) Dine at least three of the top-rated “nice” restaurants in the Fort Worth area. I would like to enjoy medium-rare steaks, smoked salmon and unpastuerized cheeses to their fullest while not worrying that our restaurant tab is cutting into our diaper budget. There is no time like the present for this.

7) Finish two projects. I have one long term project I would love to round out (family recipe book) and a few I’d like to undertake but in the interest of time two projects in three/four months sounds manageable, especially given the next goal…

8) Finish our on-going flooring/remodel projects. This goal is more one for Randall than for me but I would love to have the new floors done before we start treatment as pregnant lady and fumes from flooring really are not compatable. The kitchen is done except for the sealing of the grout. We still have re-tiling both bathrooms, laying the wood flooring, re-tiling the fireplace and framing the mirrors to go. It looks like we will also have to repaint the living room and kitchen as the new trim is slightly shorter than our old trim, leaving a white border between the existing paint and new trim.

9) Work on both our front and back yards. I would love to shape up our front flower beds and would like to figure out some kind of asthetically pleasing paving stone extension for our backyard patio.

10) Enjoy life. This one is simple. I want to just enjoy the small things and use the next few months as a true relaxation period.


2 Responses to “Ten Before Treatment”

  1. Angie February 2, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

    Just caught up on your last few posts – I’m happy to hear you’re getting back to your old self. Good luck with your goals – nothing like a “deadline” to get ya going on things you want to get done!

  2. Amanda aka Mandaroo February 6, 2012 at 10:34 am #

    Hey Leslie, I just caught up too! Glad to see you posting and I love the “new” goals you have set forth! Good luck and can’t wait to read more!

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