Self Discovery Through My History Peers

13 Feb

Life update: Break is going well, pretty sure we almost completely missed the “fertile window” this month, also pretty sure I don’t care. Running is going well, I lost three pounds last week. This sounds awesome until I point out they were part of the five I gained over the holidays, so still -2 for now.

Since it is getting on in the semester, I thought it was about time for a school post. I am a History major so that means my school hours are filled with discussions of ancient economies, war torn societies and random facts about prostitutes (not a joke, the oldest profession in the world almost always pops up in every class.) While all of this is very interesting to me, the best part of being a History major is the people you are surrounded by. Like other Humanities, History tends to be one of those majors that draws the eccentrics, the people who like to wax lyrical about pretty much anything. In the interest of sharing my life via the blog, here are a few of the characters:

“Did you know in Czech society…?” Girl: One of my classes is about Ireland from 1600 to the present…100% Irish History. So why do you feel the need to regale us with pieces of (obvious) Czech history? Dude, you mean the Czech Republic and Slovakia were once Czechoslovakia?!? No way!!

Harry Potter Obsessed Historian: A girl in one of my classes is OBSESSED with Harry Potter (NO this is not about me.) Like Czech girl above, she feels it is important to interject during lecture little tibits about HP. Luckily she is in both my American Civil War and Irish History classes. In case you were wondering, she feels that JK Rowling probably based Voldemort loosely on Hitler, the whole imprisionment scene in the 7th book really reminded her of Bobby Sands and the Irish IRA Hunger Strikes in 1981, Harry Potter could be channeling a little Robert E. Lee and that the banking system in the HP universe would probably have prevented us from going into economic decline as it is based off of gold.

The Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons: If you have ever seen the Simpsons, you might be familiar with a character known as the Comic Book Guy. I have this guy in one of my classes. He is tubby, he wears glasses, he wears shorts ALL the time, he has greasy hair, he has a voice that lets you know he considers himself far smarter than others. He also references comic books during discussions and “powered up” this morning before our essay test by walking around the front of the room chanting and doing Power Ranger kicks.

After typing this all out, I had a realization. I just referenced a children’s book series and a cartoon series in my blog with dorky history references. It would seem that although I am poking fun…I am probably with my people.


One Response to “Self Discovery Through My History Peers”

  1. Lacy February 13, 2012 at 2:34 pm #

    That’s hilarious!! I definitely could never be a history major!! Congrats on losing 3lbs last week… I think I found them. 😉

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