Coupon Thursday!

8 Mar

Not a lot is going on right now, so in the interest of not making a post just to say that I thought I’d share my weekly coupon adventure.

I had some Walgreens Register Rewards that were expiring today, so I hit the coupon road to get some cheap/free stuff.


Today’s haul includes two heat wraps, five Reese’s cups, a package of gum, a Nerds rope, a glitter Easter putty egg, four toothpastes and a razor. This picture is missing one Reese’s cups package because Randall couldn’t let it make it to photo time. Haha!

Total out of pocket: $5.86
Total back in Register Rewards: $8.00
Total back in Mail-in rebate: $5
Net total: -$7.14

Tonight is date night, so we’re headed to Red Lobster and to the mall. In the lower left corner are coupons for $4 off dinner and two free pairs of Victoria’s Secret panties. Saving money everywhere for the win!

In closing, since it’s International Women’s Day, if you haven’t yet, take a moment today to celebrate being a woman!


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