Finding My Grace Friday

13 Jul

As you probably saw in the last post, there are some pretty negative things in my life right now. Being a Negative Nancy is not at all who I am or how I want to be perceived/live my life. I feel like the blog will receive an unfair share of negativity just do the journalistic nature of my writing, so I wanted to start something to counter that.

I feel like it’s important to find things that make you realize how great you really have it. In my case, 90% of my life is absolutely amazing, there is just this little 10% that doesn’t work out. Whenever I visit my Maw-Maw, we say “Grace” before every meal. Without fail this moment of thanksgiving for something as simple as homemade biscuits and hand-fried chicken always strikes me as something much more profound. I often find myself wondering what other simple things I am taking for granted by not saying “Grace” for them. Thus, “Finding My Grace Friday” is born.

Here’s how it will go: Same questions every week, short answers, some follow up from the previous week. Feel free to participate if you want, either in the comments or in your own blog. If not, that’s cool too…just take a moment to think about your grace.

1. What is something small that you take for granted each day? I have a car I absolutely adore. We purchased it new and some of the “perks” of it were a frivolous buy. Every morning I get into my car and just take for granted that it runs so well and that it has so many creature comforts.

2. What is something you know you are so lucky to have that others don’t? I am so lucky to have a job I love and to work with people I love even more. It is such a blessing to come to work each day and leave in a better mood than when you arrived.

3. What is something you know you need to be more grateful for and need to work on? We are extremely lucky that we even have the oppotunity to pursue infertility treatment. I know that there are so many couples who reach this point and stop, solely due to finances. We have been able to do this without touching our savings or cutting back on our lifestyle. This is such a blessing and I get so bogged down in the negatives of the process that this is something I just take for granted and give little thought to.

Next Friday there will be a fourth question, 4. How did you do on being more grateful for your #3 item from last week?

Heading into the weekend – we are attending the wedding of our next door neighbors. Low-key weddings can be fun, so I am looking forward to that. We have nothing else planned which is also something to look forward to. Enjoy your weekend!


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