I Got 99 Problems But The Stims Ain’t One

17 Jul

This morning was my first monitoring appointment of this IUI cycle. My medicine protocol was tweaked this time and I am taking almost double the dose of stimulating medication (stims in the IF lingo) than I was last time. At first I was kind of freaked out by this as the initial idea of putting a super-potent hormone into my body gave me pause, so putting double the amount in was a little scary. Fortunately, those fears were quelled this morning as I got the news that things are progressing nicely and that I will only have to take the stims for one more night meaning I will take nearly the same amount of medication as last time, just much more efficiently.

An random aside for my Googling IF Peeps: I am on 125iu of Follistim and will have stimmed for 5-6 days. My main side effects are fatigue, lower back pain, acne like a teenager and a big dose of the rage-ahol. I kind of want to cut bitches every once in awhile…mainly over dumb stuff like taking too long in the Starbucks drive-thru or taking the parking garage elevator from floor 3 to 4, you know…normal IF med induced cut-a-bitch stuff. 🙂

A random aside for my non-IF Peeps about the stim meds: some of them are made from the urine of post-menopausal nuns. No joke. It kind of makes you say hmmm when you think about the religious debate about IVF. Just some food for thought.

Back to this morning though. As you may or may not know I am a big believer in what I refer to as the “Woo Woo Floaty”…think of the feeling a psychic invokes in her patrons when she hits on something important…that is the “Woo Woo Floaty.” I quite like the idea of karma and truly believe that the Universe not only listens to things you put into it, it also gives you answers or signs when you look for them, this morning was no exception. The lot/road next to my doctor’s office is being worked on. It has been torn up since we started the first IUI cycle, with men and large machines working every time we have an appointment. Driving in this AM, I realized that some progress had been made and noticed that the street sign had been put up. The name of the street is “Leslie.” I got the WWF feeling then. I then pulled into the parking lot about 25 minutes early for my appointment, so I decided to wait for Randall to arrive for a bit before going in. I turned off my car and heard music. I though the workers had a radio on but then realized one of the construction workers was signing a Spanish song in one of the clearest, most beautiful voices I have ever heard. For some reason this sealed the deal for me…I have hope. I am letting it soar and letting the Universe know I am ready. I want to be a parent and I turn over all of my faith that this is will be the treatment cycle that makes it happen.


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