Finding My Grace Friday

27 Jul

Facebook can be many things…a source of hurt, a place to share joy, somewhere to make yourself look like an ass; but lately for me Facebook has been a real and constant reminder that even whenever things are “normal”, life is a very fragile thing that can in no way be taken for granted. If you have healthy children, hug them tight. If you have had a healthy, full term pregnancy, celebrate it and give thanks to God. This morning, finding my grace isn’t hard to do, the things to be thankful for are right in front of my eyes.

1. What is something small that you take for granted each day? Titan. Though he really can not be called “small”, having the three-foot, 125 lb mound of joy in my life has made my life so much richer. His velvet ears and club of death tail are enough to make even the worst things a little more manageable.

2. What is something you know you are so lucky to have that others don’t? I have a strong extended family and a group of people who took me on as family when my immediate family crumbled. Having aunties, grandparents and cousins that are no more related to you than a stranger on the street but love you and treat you like you were born in to their family is a larger blessing than even those with just a loving extended family have. I am very, very, very blessed.

3. What is something you know you need to be more grateful for and need to work on? I feel like I can’t phone it in and carry the IF journey over into next week, so…I really need to work on being happier with what we have now. I am guilty, like I am sure many are, of wanting to have more than I do now. It’s not a greedy materialism that drives this need, it’s just a feeling that I am stalling. I was EXTREMELY blessed to be able to become a homeowner at 22. I remain extremely blessed that we have what we do in our mid-late 20’s…but because I “got it all” so early on I am plagued by the need to go bigger and better. I feel like I am not moving forward fast enough but this is absolutely ridiculous. We could literally stay exactly like we are right now and be better off than 50% (likely more) of Americans our age and even older than us. I need to work on being more thankful for this. Like, really need to work on it.

4. How did you do on being more grateful for your #3 item from last week? Something awesome has happened in regards to being more thankful for the ability to do IF treatment. By working on seeing the positives in this process and being thankful for our good fortune I have been able to have a more positive outlook in general about this cycle. Even though I feel “normal”, I still believe it will work. I have also been able to realize that if it doesn’t, it’s okay. We will not only survive it, we’ll be stronger for it.

Have a good weekend. 🙂


One Response to “Finding My Grace Friday”

  1. Angie July 31, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    Hey! I’m glad to see you’re back to blogging. I love the idea of your Friday posts… I’ve been realizing that I’ve been taking things for granted myself, and focusing more on what’s next than what’s here now, so I can totally identify with your #3!

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