Distraction Action

2 Aug

I thought about blogging about this whole CFA deal but thought better of it because I am so burnt out. I will say however that the past week or so has really allowed me to see a side of some people I didn’t know existed and really don’t care to know. It’s one thing to be true to your beliefs and say so, it’s completely another beast to be a vitriol spewing hate monger. If I never see another derogatory word for a homosexual person in my lifetime, it will be to soon.

CFA-debate aside, it’s been a good couple of weeks. I have been taking it easy and trying to keep it positive. Tomorrow is d-day, so we’ll see.

I have had two main distractions the last two weeks. The first is the one I share with people worldwide, the Olympics. I have found myself completely captivated with the Games and the athletes. I can tell you tons of factoids and have actually gasped aloud a few times while watching.

Though I am not normally this into the Olympics and assume it’s the needed distraction factor keeping me hooked, the Olympics do hold a special place for me because we moved into our house in late July 2008. I will never forget the feeling of watching Michael Phelps going for gold while sitting on my very own couch in my very own home.

That’s a fitting transition as the next distraction has been house related. We undertook the most expensive Pinterest project we’ve attempted to date last weekend. We took our standard, builder installed fireplace from this:


To this:


To this:


We took the fireplace from 12×12 ceramic tiles to travertine subway tiles. I love it and think it really adds to the room. Next stop are our wood floors (finally!) and some new paint colors.

The women’s all around is back on, so this blog is abruptly over. 🙂 Until my grace is found tomorrow, have a good night.


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