Finding My Grace Friday

24 Aug

It’s Friday, only eight more hours (if you work an 8-5) until the weekend! Randall finished our new living room floors (blog to come) and we plan to pick paint colors for our walls and maybe start the process of putting all of the trim back on. I also want to work on my pie project and get a run or two in. Overall it should be an enjoyable weekend.

Without further ado…

1. What is something small that you take for granted each day? Working downtown. I take for granted the 15 restaurants within a three minute walk or the prime people interaction my .3 mile walk to and from the parking garage affords me each day. Sometimes it gets old when you are walking to the parking garage in the rain or it’s 108 degrees in the shade, but overall I am lucky to have such a fun work environment right outside my office door.

2. What is something you know you are so lucky to have that others don’t? Food. I know this seems all “we are the world” to say, but it’s true. Last night Randall and I were at a Chinese buffet and as I searched the aisles and aisles of food on steamer tables for some low-cal fare I was absolutely struck at the sheer volume of food to be had just in this one restaurant. On the surface I “know” how lucky I am to have this but in truth I have never been on the other side. This sounds “Oprah-esque” but I feel like there is some room for personal growth here.

3. What is something you know you need to be more grateful for and need to work on? I am very blessed in my life. Beyond blessed really and I need to start paying the forward. My goal before the next ‘Finding My Grace’ post is to identify something I can do to begin this process and maybe undertake the aforementioned personal growth.

4. How did you do on being more grateful for your #3 item from last week? I have been working on letting go of “why” the weight is here and the blame I feel for myself and putting a large amount of effort into making the weight a thing of the past. I feel good about where I am headed, still not so much about where I am so there is still some work to be done here.

Until next time, have a good weekend. :)


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