Girl’s Trip to SPI, TX

11 Sep

I was supposed to update on weight loss today but I forgot to weigh myself this morning, so that’ll be tomorrow. For today, some random photos from my trip to South Padre Island this weekend.

Those tiny people in the distance are two of my friends. The beach was interesting because there was the shallow area, then a deep area, then a sand bar that was awesome for sitting on. Those are random children.

My friend C, doing what she did the entire time…read a book in the shade. 🙂

This is my friend K doing what she did the entire time…dudes, she is single. Hit me up if you are interested. Haha!!

This is me keeping my constant ghost-white state in tact. I sat with my back in the sun for literally 10 minutes and have a shoulder sunburn. Ridiculous. Also ridiculous are those umbrellas. They look so unassuming just sitting there blocking the shade, but I assure you they are not. On Sunday I had to chase them down the beach. I had unfortunately packed some pre-massive weight loss shorts and running down the beach after rogue umbrellas + too big shorts = sight to be seen. Thank God there are no pictures of this.

I also made some sand art:

And because I am a sap…

I didn’t take any other pictures the rest of the trip, but here are a few some others took of us:

K and I

C and I.

Both of these pictures were taken at a restaurant where I ordered a “faceless flounder.” I wanted some fresh seafood, but the idea of those beady little eyes on my plate was just too much for me. I asked the waiter for flounder sans-face and he laughed but had the kitchen do it. He said they also got a laugh out it.

Lastly, the whole group:

Back tomorrow with some regularly scheduled programming. Until then, enjoy Tuesday!


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