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Coupon Thursday!

8 Mar

Not a lot is going on right now, so in the interest of not making a post just to say that I thought I’d share my weekly coupon adventure.

I had some Walgreens Register Rewards that were expiring today, so I hit the coupon road to get some cheap/free stuff.


Today’s haul includes two heat wraps, five Reese’s cups, a package of gum, a Nerds rope, a glitter Easter putty egg, four toothpastes and a razor. This picture is missing one Reese’s cups package because Randall couldn’t let it make it to photo time. Haha!

Total out of pocket: $5.86
Total back in Register Rewards: $8.00
Total back in Mail-in rebate: $5
Net total: -$7.14

Tonight is date night, so we’re headed to Red Lobster and to the mall. In the lower left corner are coupons for $4 off dinner and two free pairs of Victoria’s Secret panties. Saving money everywhere for the win!

In closing, since it’s International Women’s Day, if you haven’t yet, take a moment today to celebrate being a woman!


Boredom Cure

23 Feb

The last couple of days have been kind of dark around here. Randall is traveling (again!) and coupled with the surge of hormones from starting a new cycle it has made for some down days. Oddly, even though it’s the first day of my aunt’s monthly visit, I woke up this morning in a great mood. It could be the gorgeous weather, or it could be that Randall is coming home, either way I’ll take it.

This afternoon, Randall mentioned to me that his shoulder was really hurting. I remembered seeing a deal for some pain relief cream this week and that coupled with some mid-afternoon boredom inspired a couponing trip.

Total before coupons: $56.22
Out of pocket after coupons: $7.57
Total register rewards (like cash at Walgreens, good toward next purchase): $6.00
Net total spent: $1.57


Not too shabby for a last minute trip!

Blue Screen of Death

1 Feb

You know when you are working on your PC and all of a sudden the “blue screen” pops up letting you know there is some kind of fatal error within your computer? That happened to me today. The body reboot failed.

I woke up at 3:30am with some debilitating pain and after a day filled with doctors, pharmacies, fluids and rest I am now feeling okay. The label on my medicine bottle says not to take it with vitamins. Ever curious I asked Dr. Google why the combo was a bad idea and quickly found that the med I have been prescribed is primarily used as the foremost treatment for anthrax; a good reminder that some things are better left unknown. I plan to re-reboot on Thursday. Hopefully there will be no blue screens of death then.

Fortunately, the day was not a complete waste. Due to the forced down time and a subsequent prolonged visit to Walgreens, I was able to get some serious couponing done today. I had gotten busy and fallen off the coupon wagon but today’s shopping trip really reignited the coupon spirit within me. (I was re-reading this for grammar before posting and laughed out loud at how dorky the previous sentence was. I was going to revise but didn’t, you’re welcome.)

The overall Walgreens total for the day was $33.79 out of pocket, $80.87 saved with coupons. I didn’t leave with a pallet of Chex or anything but still, not too shabby. Today’s trip included a special requested purchase of clinical strength deodorant. Seeing me grab three boxes from the shelf, an old lady tapped me on the shoulder, gave me a kind look and let me know that when she was younger she “had the sweats too” and offered the encouragement that it “got better with age…and Botox.” Considering me a kindred sweat-spirit I suppose, she handed me three more coupons for the deodorant with a smile. I smiled back, thanked her and reached a new “crazed coupon lady” level by being a faux sufferer of “the sweats” for the sake of netting my friend three more cheap deodorants. At first I considered it a new low but really, are you aware of how expensive that clinical deodorant is?!?

I was going to think of some profound nice old lady, sweat-karma metaphor to close with but my phone is almost dead and I’m on Anthrax meds, so I’ve got nothing. 🙂