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Girl’s Trip to SPI, TX

11 Sep

I was supposed to update on weight loss today but I forgot to weigh myself this morning, so that’ll be tomorrow. For today, some random photos from my trip to South Padre Island this weekend.

Those tiny people in the distance are two of my friends. The beach was interesting because there was the shallow area, then a deep area, then a sand bar that was awesome for sitting on. Those are random children.

My friend C, doing what she did the entire time…read a book in the shade. 🙂

This is my friend K doing what she did the entire time…dudes, she is single. Hit me up if you are interested. Haha!!

This is me keeping my constant ghost-white state in tact. I sat with my back in the sun for literally 10 minutes and have a shoulder sunburn. Ridiculous. Also ridiculous are those umbrellas. They look so unassuming just sitting there blocking the shade, but I assure you they are not. On Sunday I had to chase them down the beach. I had unfortunately packed some pre-massive weight loss shorts and running down the beach after rogue umbrellas + too big shorts = sight to be seen. Thank God there are no pictures of this.

I also made some sand art:

And because I am a sap…

I didn’t take any other pictures the rest of the trip, but here are a few some others took of us:

K and I

C and I.

Both of these pictures were taken at a restaurant where I ordered a “faceless flounder.” I wanted some fresh seafood, but the idea of those beady little eyes on my plate was just too much for me. I asked the waiter for flounder sans-face and he laughed but had the kitchen do it. He said they also got a laugh out it.

Lastly, the whole group:

Back tomorrow with some regularly scheduled programming. Until then, enjoy Tuesday!


Walking the Walk and Bouncing the Bounce

27 Aug

This morning I really had to walk the walk after talking the talk on Friday. In the last hour I have really had to focus on those positives of working downtown. It’s raining and Randall broke my umbrella a week ago, so I am rocking the drowned rat this morning, with both hairstyle and makeup completely gone:

I called in breakfast on my way in (see, a perk of downtown!) asking for two eggs over medium and two slices of whole wheat toast, no butter (280 cals for those playing along at home.) I got to the restaurant and the server greeted me with a, “Did you forget your umbrella???” It took a lot not to respond in some sarcastic way about allowing the rain to soak me getting me closer to nature and the mystical chi or something but I chose the karma high road and laughed it off. I got my food and headed into work only to open the container to see eggs that were barely over easy. In an effort to accurately document my morning, I took a picture of those too but just looking at the goopy, raw egg whites in the picture made me gag, so I decided to spare you.

Either way, I am dryly ensconced in my office now, so onward and upward to the normal Monday happenings.

The details:

  • Weight loss goal #1 – 25 lbs lost (goal set 8/13)
  • Weight loss this week – 1.5 lbs
  • Progress to date: 3.5 lbs lost
  • Pounds to go: 21.5
  • Overall weight loss goal: 50lbs
  • Pounds to go: 46.5

This week was much better than last week on both the food and workout fronts. I was able to stick to my calorie goal most days and not completely blow it out on the days when I didn’t. I also got in four exercise sessions, two traditional by taking in a couple of runs and two not so traditional by deep cleaning for hours yesterday and competing in the neighborhood challenge involving the monster below on Saturday:

Image Credit

I realize some back story is probably needed here. have a really awesome neighborhood. We have a close knit group of about 20 neighbors (including kids) and tend to hang out quite a bit. Saturday was the 7th birthday party of one of the kids and the entire neighborhood was headed to a local indoor inflatable park. Over entirely too many drinks on Friday night it was decided that there would be a neighborhood challenge between the adults for ultimate jumping champion. Having been there before, one dad suggested we use the inflatable above for our challenge. While this looks like child’s play with it’s fun colors and bouncy nature, don’t be fooled. This is the best cardio workout of your life when combined with the need to pulverize your neighbors in competition. There are climbing walls and things to crawl under, over, through and around all while wearing only socks and on a completely unstable inflated raft thing. Having to dodge children added to the challenge. 🙂

I am sad to say that I was not crowned neighborhood jumping champion. I did however make it through five heats, so I feel like I accomplished something and seriously thought I might die after the fifth time through in half an hour. My lungs were screaming and my heart was racing, so while maybe it wasn’t traditional cardio I’m still calling it a damn good workout.

Checking in with the goals from last week:

  1. Stick to a calorie intake of 1200-1300 on days when I do not workout, adjust for calories burned during workouts on days that I do.
  2. Get in some form of workout at least four times this week.
  3. Dinner out limited to three times max this week.

Unfortunately three was a bust this week as we ate at a restaurant probably five or six times. The other two went very well though, so this week is a solid B-. The goals for next week are the same:

  1. Stick to a calorie intake of 1200-1300 on days when I do not workout, adjust for calories burned during workouts on days that I do.
  2. Get in some form of workout at least four times this week.
  3. Dinner out limited to three times max this week.

My workout partner in crime came back from her cruise vacation on Saturday, so I am looking forward to getting in some more runs and some gym time. We also have to paint her bedroom sometime this week…so I’ll make sure to paint vigorously for max calorie burn.

Until next time…have a good week!

Distraction Action

2 Aug

I thought about blogging about this whole CFA deal but thought better of it because I am so burnt out. I will say however that the past week or so has really allowed me to see a side of some people I didn’t know existed and really don’t care to know. It’s one thing to be true to your beliefs and say so, it’s completely another beast to be a vitriol spewing hate monger. If I never see another derogatory word for a homosexual person in my lifetime, it will be to soon.

CFA-debate aside, it’s been a good couple of weeks. I have been taking it easy and trying to keep it positive. Tomorrow is d-day, so we’ll see.

I have had two main distractions the last two weeks. The first is the one I share with people worldwide, the Olympics. I have found myself completely captivated with the Games and the athletes. I can tell you tons of factoids and have actually gasped aloud a few times while watching.

Though I am not normally this into the Olympics and assume it’s the needed distraction factor keeping me hooked, the Olympics do hold a special place for me because we moved into our house in late July 2008. I will never forget the feeling of watching Michael Phelps going for gold while sitting on my very own couch in my very own home.

That’s a fitting transition as the next distraction has been house related. We undertook the most expensive Pinterest project we’ve attempted to date last weekend. We took our standard, builder installed fireplace from this:


To this:


To this:


We took the fireplace from 12×12 ceramic tiles to travertine subway tiles. I love it and think it really adds to the room. Next stop are our wood floors (finally!) and some new paint colors.

The women’s all around is back on, so this blog is abruptly over. 🙂 Until my grace is found tomorrow, have a good night.

Finding My Grace Friday

13 Jul

As you probably saw in the last post, there are some pretty negative things in my life right now. Being a Negative Nancy is not at all who I am or how I want to be perceived/live my life. I feel like the blog will receive an unfair share of negativity just do the journalistic nature of my writing, so I wanted to start something to counter that.

I feel like it’s important to find things that make you realize how great you really have it. In my case, 90% of my life is absolutely amazing, there is just this little 10% that doesn’t work out. Whenever I visit my Maw-Maw, we say “Grace” before every meal. Without fail this moment of thanksgiving for something as simple as homemade biscuits and hand-fried chicken always strikes me as something much more profound. I often find myself wondering what other simple things I am taking for granted by not saying “Grace” for them. Thus, “Finding My Grace Friday” is born.

Here’s how it will go: Same questions every week, short answers, some follow up from the previous week. Feel free to participate if you want, either in the comments or in your own blog. If not, that’s cool too…just take a moment to think about your grace.

1. What is something small that you take for granted each day? I have a car I absolutely adore. We purchased it new and some of the “perks” of it were a frivolous buy. Every morning I get into my car and just take for granted that it runs so well and that it has so many creature comforts.

2. What is something you know you are so lucky to have that others don’t? I am so lucky to have a job I love and to work with people I love even more. It is such a blessing to come to work each day and leave in a better mood than when you arrived.

3. What is something you know you need to be more grateful for and need to work on? We are extremely lucky that we even have the oppotunity to pursue infertility treatment. I know that there are so many couples who reach this point and stop, solely due to finances. We have been able to do this without touching our savings or cutting back on our lifestyle. This is such a blessing and I get so bogged down in the negatives of the process that this is something I just take for granted and give little thought to.

Next Friday there will be a fourth question, 4. How did you do on being more grateful for your #3 item from last week?

Heading into the weekend – we are attending the wedding of our next door neighbors. Low-key weddings can be fun, so I am looking forward to that. We have nothing else planned which is also something to look forward to. Enjoy your weekend!

603 Words

12 Jul

You know how sometimes when things get crazy or uncomfortable it is easier to run from then than deal with them head on? Blogging became one of those things for me. A lot has happened and changed since I blogged way back in April. When I started this blog I thought I would write about three main things, school, weight loss and infertility. It’s only fitting to address the changes in that order I suppose.

1. School – In late May I made a huge change to my “life plan.” If you remember I won an award back in March for a History paper I had written. This turned out to be a blessing in more ways than I expected. Since the award made me “known” around the History department at school, I got a more insider look into what being a professor or grad student was really like. Unfortunately, I didn’t like what I saw and it made me panic about my future. For the first time I really started to doubt that I wanted to teach at all. The first time I verbalized this to anyone was on a Monday evening. I told Randall I was having doubts and I wasn’t sure what to do. I told him I needed to put it out into the Universe and let the Universe guide me. So I did. On Wednesday of that week I was contacted by a friend I had worked with before and offered an amazing opportunity to get back into my old industry. Knowing the offer meant putting my all into making it a career, I knew accepting it meant I would likely never teach. It was a huge decision to make but I decided to take the opportunity. Since it would be ridiculous to stop now, I am still finishing my undergrad degree and if I ever decide that I should have been a teacher, there are paths to get me there. I have been at my new job since early-June and I now know it was the right decision.

2. Weight loss – I have gained 15 pounds since I stopped blogging. It’s not something I love or am proud of but it has happened. I gained 12 of those pounds over a two week period. Since I wasn’t eating 3000 calories a day, I think there is probably another culprit…

3. Infertility – I did a treatment cycle in June. I am going to be honest…I would not wish this on my worst enemy. It was very expensive, the daily shots were intense, I felt like I was not myself. I had little control over my emotions and no control over my hormones/body. I responded beautifully to the medication, Randall had perfect numbers, our RE called the cycle “textbook.” We waited two weeks for the blood test to find out if we were finally pregnant with anxious hope. We allowed ourselves to talk about our child, to dip our toes into our hopeful future, to fully embrace the idea that this could be it, we could be parents. On July 9th we were told the cycle had failed. More than anything I am frustrated and angry that even after 17 failed cycles and now one failed treatment cycle the answer still remains “we just don’t know” when we question why this is not working for us.

This is where we are today, waiting to see if we will cycle again. I am thinking about making a return to blogging and felt like getting this big comeback post out of the way might make that easier for me. So there it is 77 days of my life in 603 words.

Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card!

23 Apr

It’s the end of the semester at school (three weeks and counting!) so my time is divided lately between American Indians, the Civil War, Ireland and various and sundry other sometimes tiring topics. Sadly, this leaves little free time for blogging. I just finished writing a paper and thought since I was already in writing-mode I would pop over to WordPress for a bit.

This weekend was a blast. My mom got married. I have a ton of pictures and fully intend to blog about it later this week once I get them downloaded from my camera.But for now an aside…

Last week a good friend of mine (shout out!) was telling me about her adventures using the library. Because I can be a damn snob I have always been kind of weird about using a library. Of course I have frequently used the university library because please, like I am going to shell out $145 for a copy of The Life and Times of George Washington: Why, No My Teeth Are Not Actually Wooden to cite it twice in a paper; but for every day pleasure reading the library was a no-go. Since I have recently become cheap (see also coupons, use of) and because my friend kept extolling the greatness of this literary resource funded by my tax dollars, I decided to give it go…

…and boy am I glad I did. The Fort Worth Public Library has come a LONG way. Gone are the days of card catalogs and being shushed by a grumpy librarian. Randall, like myself, was a little leery of the library. He is a proud devotee of the Half Price Books clearance section, so I don’t know why as the only real difference here is that he can get books that aren’t a billion years old or super-terrible. Anyway, I digress…We hit up the local branch this evening after work and it was awesome. The building was well designed and clean, the staff was super-friendly, the books I wanted were either on the shelf waiting for me or a few clicks away in my online account and they had, as Randall called it in completely awe, “the 007 technology.” We walked up to the self checkout (see – FW library is where it is at) and scanned my card, were prompted to place our books on the sensor pad and it automatically populated what books we had in seconds, no scanning required. I have to admit, it was pretty much a mind blown moment for us both as 30 minutes prior we were still kind of in the library = sketch camp.

Since the library also has ebooks for my ereader and I like to give my husband crap, I am dubbing this the Summer in Which I Read a Metric Ton of Books While Randall Reads Like Seven, Three of Which Will Probably Be About Dogs. Also, please note that as I am a blogger on the up and up, this review was not paid for by the library, mainly because a) I pay them every month on my taxes and b) I am like the only person on Earth who was unaware of the coolness of the library.

PS: The title of this blog is totally from a late 90’s episode of the PBS show Arthur and I don’t even care how uncool that is.


11 Apr

It’s been 2.5 weeks since I last blogged. I would love to say I had some sort of important thing keeping me from logging into WordPress, but the truth is I was just not feeling the blog vibe. I would apologize, but hey, it’s my blog and I think a 2.5 week break is fine. 🙂

I got a negative pregnancy test this morning. I felt a little off and had some pretty persistent “symptoms” that I couldn’t find record of in the last thirteen months of charting, so I let my hopes raise a little and peed on a stick. Surprisingly the negative took no wind from my sails. I felt good about the day and moved on post-pee cup like it was no big thing. This is major progress for me and illustrates both the purpose and effectiveness of taking a “break” before treatment. Score one for being too lazy to take my temperature every day!

The overall goal of taking a break from the hardcore rigorous form of trying to conceive was to get my mindset into a positive place before undergoing infertility treatment. I can honestly say that I am there. Randall and I have been working hard to save money for treatment and I am happy to say we have enough saved now to do one to two cycles of IUI with injectable medication without taking anything from our savings/e-fund money. The plan is to do treatment cycle one in June, likely beginning mid-month.We initially planned for a May cycle start date, but as I have heard/read online that injectable fertility medications make women into Hulk Smash! emotional bitches, I decided tackling both my raging hormones and my spring semester final exams just didn’t seem like the best plan. So, June it is.

This is an exciting and scary moment for us…we are standing at the crossroads of possible parenthood and our first potential big league TTC failure. My aunt and cousin (among way too many other family members) visited over Easter weekend and I explained the entire feeling of our infertility journey this way: I was once in CVS buying a pregnancy test, a bottle of wine and tampons. The cashier gave me the side eye and I told her that “I was just preparing for all possible outcomes.” This is my exact feeling about treatment at this point. It will work and we will have a child or it won’t and we will pick ourselves up and make a plan for the future.

Speaking of the future, Randall and I discussed the “what if” aspect while at dinner during date night tonight. Making a plan for this is #5 on the Ten Before Treatment and we have decided if this doesn’t work out for us we will be taking a BBQ road trip across Texas; this is a fitting plan as we had just finished growing food babies at Hard Eight BBQ. We share a mutual love for smoky, sweet sauces served with meat smoked to perfection (sounds a little dirty, eh?) and feel like this trip would be both kind to our post-treatment expenditures budget and a tasty good time. I have more than a few BBQ Meccas I have been dying to visit (Franklin, Snow’s, Luling City Market, Southside Market, Kruez Market) and Randall has some special stops he would like to add in (Shiner Brewery mostly…which side note – did you know you can only tour during the week?), I also wouldn’t mind making another attempt at seeing the Marfa Lights and would love to re-visit and camp a night at Big Bend.

Beer and brisket aside, the heart of the matter is that even though this is still a plan in its beginning stages it lets me know that no matter what comes our way this summer we will make it and be stronger for it.