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Blue Screen of Death

1 Feb

You know when you are working on your PC and all of a sudden the “blue screen” pops up letting you know there is some kind of fatal error within your computer? That happened to me today. The body reboot failed.

I woke up at 3:30am with some debilitating pain and after a day filled with doctors, pharmacies, fluids and rest I am now feeling okay. The label on my medicine bottle says not to take it with vitamins. Ever curious I asked Dr. Google why the combo was a bad idea and quickly found that the med I have been prescribed is primarily used as the foremost treatment for anthrax; a good reminder that some things are better left unknown. I plan to re-reboot on Thursday. Hopefully there will be no blue screens of death then.

Fortunately, the day was not a complete waste. Due to the forced down time and a subsequent prolonged visit to Walgreens, I was able to get some serious couponing done today. I had gotten busy and fallen off the coupon wagon but today’s shopping trip really reignited the coupon spirit within me. (I was re-reading this for grammar before posting and laughed out loud at how dorky the previous sentence was. I was going to revise but didn’t, you’re welcome.)

The overall Walgreens total for the day was $33.79 out of pocket, $80.87 saved with coupons. I didn’t leave with a pallet of Chex or anything but still, not too shabby. Today’s trip included a special requested purchase of clinical strength deodorant. Seeing me grab three boxes from the shelf, an old lady tapped me on the shoulder, gave me a kind look and let me know that when she was younger she “had the sweats too” and offered the encouragement that it “got better with age…and Botox.” Considering me a kindred sweat-spirit I suppose, she handed me three more coupons for the deodorant with a smile. I smiled back, thanked her and reached a new “crazed coupon lady” level by being a faux sufferer of “the sweats” for the sake of netting my friend three more cheap deodorants. At first I considered it a new low but really, are you aware of how expensive that clinical deodorant is?!?

I was going to think of some profound nice old lady, sweat-karma metaphor to close with but my phone is almost dead and I’m on Anthrax meds, so I’ve got nothing. 🙂