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Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You’ve Got a Library Card!

23 Apr

It’s the end of the semester at school (three weeks and counting!) so my time is divided lately between American Indians, the Civil War, Ireland and various and sundry other sometimes tiring topics. Sadly, this leaves little free time for blogging. I just finished writing a paper and thought since I was already in writing-mode I would pop over to WordPress for a bit.

This weekend was a blast. My mom got married. I have a ton of pictures and fully intend to blog about it later this week once I get them downloaded from my camera.But for now an aside…

Last week a good friend of mine (shout out!) was telling me about her adventures using the library. Because I can be a damn snob I have always been kind of weird about using a library. Of course I have frequently used the university library because please, like I am going to shell out $145 for a copy of The Life and Times of George Washington: Why, No My Teeth Are Not Actually Wooden to cite it twice in a paper; but for every day pleasure reading the library was a no-go. Since I have recently become cheap (see also coupons, use of) and because my friend kept extolling the greatness of this literary resource funded by my tax dollars, I decided to give it go…

…and boy am I glad I did. The Fort Worth Public Library has come a LONG way. Gone are the days of card catalogs and being shushed by a grumpy librarian. Randall, like myself, was a little leery of the library. He is a proud devotee of the Half Price Books clearance section, so I don’t know why as the only real difference here is that he can get books that aren’t a billion years old or super-terrible. Anyway, I digress…We hit up the local branch this evening after work and it was awesome. The building was well designed and clean, the staff was super-friendly, the books I wanted were either on the shelf waiting for me or a few clicks away in my online account and they had, as Randall called it in completely awe, “the 007 technology.” We walked up to the self checkout (see – FW library is where it is at) and scanned my card, were prompted to place our books on the sensor pad and it automatically populated what books we had in seconds, no scanning required. I have to admit, it was pretty much a mind blown moment for us both as 30 minutes prior we were still kind of in the library = sketch camp.

Since the library also has ebooks for my ereader and I like to give my husband crap, I am dubbing this the Summer in Which I Read a Metric Ton of Books While Randall Reads Like Seven, Three of Which Will Probably Be About Dogs. Also, please note that as I am a blogger on the up and up, this review was not paid for by the library, mainly because a) I pay them every month on my taxes and b) I am like the only person on Earth who was unaware of the coolness of the library.

PS: The title of this blog is totally from a late 90’s episode of the PBS show Arthur and I don’t even care how uncool that is.