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You Whippersnappers Better Get Off My Lawn!

26 Feb

I don’t get dubstep. This makes me tragically uncool, but I just can’t like it. I have tried, I just don’t understand the appeal of it.

If you are over 23, you are probably like “what is dubstep?!?” Technically, dubstep is defined as a genre of electronic music featuring tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals (thank you Wiki.)  If you watched the Grammy’s this year you probably heard or saw a mention of an artist called Skrillex, he is the newly mainstreamed driving force behind the dubstep movement. In layman’s terms (mine) dubstep can be described as taking a really great electronic song and throwing this dirty, shockingly gritty bass line into it and ruining the song.

Skrillex sample:


Dubstep and by extension Skrillex is every where right now. People are talking about him on Facebook, I hear his bass lines reverberating in the cars that drive past our house at 3 AM, my little sister is crazy for him.

Why did I feel this warranted a blog post? I mean, so what I don’t like a new artist or genre of music. The thought of blogging about this struck me last night while talking to my sister. She was so excited about going to see Skrillex at a music festival and I heard myself say to her, “I just don’t understand it, that’s not even music.” She responded with “alright, mom…” Shocked, I realized then that Skrillex/dubstep is the first real thing that I have firmly allied  myself with the “oldster” view on. Next thing you know I’ll be wearing shirts with bedazzled zebras and thinking a fanny pack is a handy way to carry everything when I travel. I’m getting old!

Because I am a glutton for punishment and am still seeking some semblance of “cool”, I just spent half an hour listening to Skrillex on Spotify trying to find the appeal. I was unsuccessful until I reached the hidden track on his new album. I really loved the song but sadly since it is an orchestral arrangement based on his hits, it really did nothing but reinforce my oldster status.


If you need me, I’ll just be over here signing up for the AARP. 🙂